CAT5e Gas Discharge Tube Slide In Module (Case of 144)

CAT5e Gas Discharge Tube Slide In Module (Case of 144)

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($26 Each, Bulk Pricing, 3+ Week Lead Time)

Fits in APC PRM4 or PRM24 Chassis.  (The far left and right slots on PRM24 chassis have screws that need to be removed in order for this module to slide all the way in.)

Add some Static and Lightning surge protection to your Ethernet equipment, uses single pole 75V Gas Discharge Tubes.

Chassis not included.

No warranty or guarantee of protection. This is just another layer of protection for your system.

Shielded CAT5e Connectors to help ground your cable shielding, I like using with RF Armor shielded RJ45 connectors.

Gold plated contact surfaces on board.

Pins on back coated with a conformal coating to prevent insects from shorting out the pins.

Area to affix 1/2" label tape for cable documentation.

Locations to zip tie your cables in place to help prevent them from pulling out while doing network maintenance.

Field tested with 24V, 48V and 48VH Netonix switch outputs and Mimosa 56V 0.93A Power Injectors.

Should work well with PoE Powered IP Cameras as well.

Don't insert/remove module if powered up, it's easy to accidentally short the pins out on the chassis or other modules.