Fully 3D Printable PoE Clamps

For my first blog post on here I am going to give out my first prototype CAD files that I have been using with decent success.  They don't have any fancy mounting holes and the designs in general could be improved on greatly, but overall I have about 50 of these in the wild and while some bend over time, for the most part they do pretty well at holding cables in place. 

My climate is pretty mild, they probably don't work very well in hot climates.  I only keep a couple in my work truck at a time because they tend to melt/warp.  I print them out with a .6mm Nozzle at .5mm layer height.  They take about an hour to print.  With funds that come in from the store, I'm hoping to make the designs better and get injection molds made to sell clamps in the shop for way cheaper than my current aluminum ones.

The .STL files can be found at:


Some of the larger designs need a tiny bit of tweaking; maybe a millimeter here and there, but should work the way they are.  I only use the medium 30V .5A Cambium ones so haven't tweaked those to fit perfectly.

The 3D printer settings I use:

.6mm Nozzle

220deg Nozzle Temp

.5mm Layer Height

25-20mm per second