The 6X GDT pole mount surge board
Board in a Tycon Enclosure (not included)
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6X Gas Discharge Tube Module Pole Mount Board

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Board only, does not come with enclosure.

Adds some static / nearby lighting protection to 6 Cat5/6 Lines.  Does not necessarily protect equipment from a direct strike.   Has shielding on the sockets to help ground your shielded cables.

Designed to fit inside a Tycon Systems ENC-SW-8x5 Outdoor Enclosure.  I've seen these enclosures available at Streakwave and Baltic Networks.

Uses smaller Single Pole Gas Discharge Tubes than the Slide In Modules with a 2000A rating and Impulse life of 300 100Amp Discharges.

The square holes are for zip tying the cables in place.

Plays well with Netonix Switches, doesn't short the wire pairs together during an event like some other diode based surge equipment does.

Tubes and pins on back are coated with a conformal coating to prevent insects from shorting out the board.